The Family of Pascual Duarteby Camilo José CelaTHE LITERARY WORK A novel By Cela was hard at work on The Family of Pascual Duarte, his writing. Cela was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in October , and this novel is considered by many to be his masterpiece. It is the story of an ignorant. The Family of Pascual Duarte (Spanish: La Familia de Pascual Duarte) is a novel written by Spanish Nobel laureate Camilo José Cela.

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On the left were peasants, workers, intellectuals, and labor leaders. Share Add to favourites. Film and photography Design, fashion and illustration Music Performing arts Literature and thought Linguistic heritage. He concluded that the agenda of each of these groups was too narrow, too self-interested, too uninformed to merit any of them the leadership of the peoples and nations of the world. Ceela this panorama of terror, destruction, and death, the triumphant leader of the so-called Nationalist rebellion that began the Civil War inGeneral Franco, had one principal aim: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Count lived in the principal residence on the village square. At that point Pascual crushed and killed Stretch like a bug underfoot.

The Family of Pascual Duarte by Camilo José Cela

Boudreau and John W. He has also reread what he has written. So it is not surprising that the level of societal fajily rose tremendously. Its population stood at The cammilo proper resumes with Duarte fleeing his home in the dead of night. While each character has his opinion of Pascual Duarte, only the reader can take equally into account all viewpoints in the effort to determine as truly as possible the meaning of Duarte and The Family of Pascual Duarte.


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The Family of Pascual Duarte First edition. On the night of February 12,he entered her room.

The first two editions created an uproar and in less than a year it was banned. Following the footsteps of the people involved rather than the order of events, I jump from beginning to end and from the end back to the beginning. He had by then learned the basic skills: The confiscation of their passports meant that they could not easily or legally emigrate from Spain either. Pascual states that for the preceding 15 days he has written nothing.

Running out of the house, he bumped into Esperanza and kept on going.

The Family of Pascual Duarte – Wikipedia

In retrospect, though, Pascual observes that an old pattern in his life was damilo Pascual ultimately killed him. Cepa while the discoverer of the Don Quixote materials must have them translated from the Arabic for his Spanish reader, the transcriber of the Pascual Duarte materials finds and organizes a narrative whose original version, he claims, was so chaotic as to have been unreadable. Trans, and intro, Anthony Kerrigan.

Pascual recalls it as the happiest time of his life. An innovative work in all senses, the author uses several narrators, in addition to Pascual Duarte himself, to offer a full realist vision of the events retold. Meanwhile, bythe year the Civil War began, as many as 30, super-radical workers, judging the CNT too willing to compromise with the government, had become active in the secret society duxrte as the FAI Federation of Iberian Anarchists.


The novel has a clear religious theme, partly from the author himself, who was very devoted.

When overcome dyarte homesickness, Pascual returned to his village, probably in early Pascual was born and lived in a house owned by his family, but, in a region of oof, without appreciable land for the Duarte family to cultivate.

This novel is fundamental to the generation of tremendismo named from tremendo”awful, tremendous”which focuses on the treatment of its characters and is marked by extended and frequent violent scenes.

The History of Spain. She hit her children and was unfaithful to her husband, Esteban. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Pascual now dwells on what might have been had he known before his crimes his present sense of peace.

This meant public adherence to the political and religious orthodoxy over which Franco presided and, in the private sphere, the securing of food, clothing, medicine, and shelter for self and family.