Buy Extron SI 26X / Speakers – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Extron SI 26X is a two-way ceiling speaker featuring an open back and coaxial dual driver design for use in non-plenum airspace. DESCRIPTION. SI 26X & SI 26CT. The Extron System INTEGRAToR™ SI 26X and SI 26CT are two-way ceiling-mount speakers featuring a coaxial dual driver.

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His company, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary at InfoComm, sells large volumes of ceiling speakers to leading retail, food and beverage, and hospitality clients that 26 a superior performance.

In the 16 ohm direct mode, an input power limiting protection circuit is included for preventing distortion as well as potential woofer and tweeter damage if the speakers are overdriven.

How would you rate your overall experience on the website? The team works hard to create speakers that sound great for music as well as speech, documentaries or a high-voltage rock show, handling peaks in the intelligibility range while offering neutrality. The SI 26 CT is housed in an 8″ metal back can for use in plenum environments and features four locking arms for a fast and secure hard ceiling installation.

In a listening room, carpet and furnishings xetron be carefully considered; in a shared or multi-purpose space, those factors could be lethal to audio.

Extron SI 26x Ceiling Speakers

Long-throw woofers are coupled to pivoting dome tweeters to deliver accurate voice and music reproduction, as well as wide angle sound dispersion for higher ceiling and power applications. In particular, design efforts were focused on the crossover circuitry, from bass through midrange to the high frequencies. Not advertised elsewhere Prefer goods collected?: The low profile speaker is an excellent choice for ceiling installations with constrained or problematic above-the-ceiling tile issues such as air handling units or sprinkler piping.

Dec 30, at 2: You must log in or sign up to reply here. The Good, Better, Best offerings from these leading manufacturers complements the evergrowing range of applications, from conference rooms to hotel lobbies. Each speaker has been designed to meet the needs of specific application requirements. For him, the value proposition as a name brand goes beyond one category and helps contractors save money on freight costs, shipping propositions, and other the areas affecting the bottom line costs.


The addition of the curved molding makes the Ceila quite an extra-ordinary product: The SI 3 features an incredibly wide frequency response of 75 Hz to 18 kHz, and 16 watts continuous pink noise and 32 watts continuous program capacity.

Speco Technologies’ Scott Pisani understands that “value” means more than just saving money.

EXTRON SI 26X Two-Way Open Back Ceiling Speakers, Pair | Ace Options Norway

The SI 28W features an 8″ long-throw woofer, a 1″ dome tweeter, 35 watts continuous pink noise or 70 watts continuous program capacity, a frequency response from 30 Hz to 20 kHz, and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. The SI 26 and SI 28 incorporate a precision engineered crossover design that assures a smooth transition from bass to midrange and high frequencies, delivering optimum voice and music reproduction.

To address the issue of beaming in the midrange and high frequencies that can be found in a small, compact speaker, the SI 3 has been designed with a 3″ 7. They are available with a black or white finish that can also be painted to match the environment. Together, they form an all-in-one source for complete AV systems from Extron.

The SI 26 features a 6. Another aspect of the ceiling speaker value proposition for Extron is potential profitability. Across the commercial installation spectrum there is a rising expectation for higher-quality systems with higher fidelity. New developments in design and technology are giving systems contractors incentives to install ceiling speakers in previously inaccessible spaces, with absolutely no compromise in quality.

The SI 26CT features a high power design of 75 watts continuous pink noise or watts continuous program capacity for use in larger classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums. Typical CLOUD6 applications include high end full range music playback and paging systems for nightclubs, retail environments, restaurants, and HOWs requiring superior performance and quality.


Rutkin says that the revolution is occurring in every place the public gathers. Voice reproduction from documentaries and live microphones is natural and clear sounding. Designed for back ground and general-purpose audio play back, the new AD-C42T is compact and acousticall matched to the entire AD Series.

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C-ring and V-rail mounting hardware for installation in a suspended T-bar ceiling is included. The SI 26X is an open back, two-way speaker extgon use in non-plenum airspace environments.

Good… Better… Best… Ceiling Speakers | AVNetwork

Psychoacousticians and scientists have devoted more years and white papers than we can count to understanding the mysteries of sound. The SI Series speakers are the result of a two-year research and design effort at Extron with extensive testing and listening. An internal overload protection circuit prevents driver damage due to excessive input levels. Whether using these speakers in the home or in the office, the Custom Builder Series speakers will provide performance and reliability at an attractive price.

Shares driver technology with AD-S surface mount loud speakers to provide the ability to mix speaker models within zones for the best possible coverage. The 3-inch driver and conical baffle provide degree dispersion with minimal beaming directly under the speaker. Grand hotel ballrooms with thick drapes or heavy carpet will help facilitate absorption.

For the folks at Speco, the value proposition of their ceiling speakers, including the high-end SP-6CLC, is the winning recipe of style, stealth, performance, and competitive pricing. The SI 3C LP and SI 3CT LP have a single full-range driver featuring a very wide dispersion pattern and full-range frequency response specifically for small to medium classrooms and conference rooms with lower ceilings and lower power requirements.

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