Professor Ismail Raji al Faruqi was a co-founder of International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) and Association of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS). Results 1 – 12 of 18 The Essence of Islamic Civilization (Occasional Paper) (Occasional Papers Series). Jan 1, by Ismail Raji Al-Faruqi and Anas S. Isma’il Raji al-Faruqi (January 1, – May 27, ) was a Palestinian- American philosopher who spent several years at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, then.

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To charge Israel with an exclusionary, even racist, theology, is therefore a profound distortion of Israel’s faith.

A Jew who lacks faith or faeuqi acts contrary to the commandments of the Torah is therefore a sinning Jew. All humans ought to fulfill it since they have been equipped at birth with all that is required to know it.

What does its silence- nay, collaboration- yesterday and outcry today tell us about its humanity? Only racists would claim such innate characteristics to belong necessarily to all members of the group – the tribe or nation – which they call “the race. The state is a res publica; it provides us with “common things” by which and within which we transcend our immediacy and carry on the common concourse of life.

After massacring inhabitants and dumping their bodies in the village well as happened at Deir Yasinor killing a few and terrorizing the rest and ordering them out of their homes and lands which they had occupied for millennia as happened and continues to happen every day throughout Palestineevery Arab vestige in afruqi village is wiped out. It provides one mainstream in Christian thought about the state. But within the world religions I sense a new realism growing. Al-Faruqi viewed the existence of Israel as an affront towards the religion of Judaism simail to its state ideology of Zionism.

Thus, all excuses fall down. They identify themselves, which is to say they define their hopes and loyalties, as Americans or Russians or Egyptians. Niebuhr points out6 that man’s spirit drives him to seek eternal and universal goods. Neither natural reason nor natural religion can extract man from sin- what Hobbes was later to call “the war of each against all.


Scholar Martin Kramer has written about the role played by Dr. Delinquency may be estabished with precision, and dealt with effectively.

I would reply to them, if it were necessary, that there is a wider exegesis that is no less orthodox and that according to this exegesis the abrogation theory only applies to verses of a normative nature considered in strict relationship to precise factual events. American Academy of Religion. They were genuinely ecumenical in that they were attended by people of vision who looked forward to inter-religious understanding and cooperation as the only alternative to the hostility which has dominated relations between the three faith communities.

International Institute oflsllimic Thought. Similarly, a collectivity of humans- be it tribe or nation or empire – is rendered understandable when one understands what love it is that unites them. The convert miraculously faji seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The result is that peace has remained elusive and temporary. Even so, I do not understand that assignment ffaruqi give me dispensation from the above-mentioned laws of comparative religion. Moreover, candid respect of the other faiths by each party is equally a necessity.

The creation of the state of Israel and the continuous hostility this had engendered between Jewry and the Muslim World prevented any religious dialogue from taking place.

But although we live transnationally we have not evolved effective instruments of transnational rule. Members born to one family may successfully be brought up as members of another; but the innate characteristics remain unchanged.

History recognizes them as such. I think both Augustine and Aquinas have something important to teach us. A blessing be upon Egypt my people, upon Assyria the work of my hands, and upon Israel my possession” Is. Realism about self-interest guides hope into the paths of the possible, and keeps it from becoming a mere enthusiasm or, in its collapse, a prelude to cynicism.


Although the Muslims sought and obtained agreement on a number of issues atlecting the two communities. Judaism- Relations- Christianity- Congresses.

Ismail Faruqi

Some will be disappointed that we cannot hold out the promise of the overcoming of all of faruqj agonies of men in our world. Self-interest, for Aquinas, if perceived accurately, carries us not to individual selfishness but to “the common good”. The world is in exile.

Nine prominent scholars rajl chosen from the American academic community three Jews, three Christians, and three Muslims to present statements on assigned topics. The most suotle and inter- esting exposition of this view is found in the various writings of Professor Gershom Scholem.

Jesus and all the revelations of the prophets – without discriminating between them.

That is the duty to deny the present situation ultimately. The self is not so often made more impartial by its reasoning as its reasoning starts to parade its partiality as of universal merit. For us is the responsibility for our deeds, and for you for your deeds.

Ismail al-Faruqi – Wikipedia

As such, the Jews and Christians are people with the true religion. Certainly we must study the past and learn rajo it, but life must above all look to the present and to the future. Berith means establishing partial community. The accepted view was that Christianity did not constitute idolatry for gentiles. There is no contention between us and you.