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By this the device is switches ON. By pressing any key in the keyboard corresponding DTMF signal is available in its output pin at pin no. Indicating that the device is switched OFF. Now you will hear the feedback tone because the device is switched ON.

By using this project we can construct the personally branched telephone exchange. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

These tones are used for communication signaling. The whole circuit except the devices is dataaheet in a single cabinet in which the board gets fairly fitted along with power supply unit.

The contents of the output latch are made available on the 4-bit output bus by raising the three state control input OE to logic high. This period is calculated by the formula. Along with these DTMF generator in our telephone set provides a set of special purpose groups of tones, which is normally not used in our keypad.

This circuit does not require any complex IC, so any one with little knowledge of electronics can construct this circuit, because it does not need any programmable IC’s or programming. IC BCD – seven segment decoder.


High on the pin 3 of this timer IC biases the transistor T2 in the relay driver circuit which in tern switches ON the relay.

Silan Semiconductors – datasheet pdf

This is the main unit of this system. This 5V source is connected to all ICs and relays. When the both inputs are high that indicates that device is switched ON, then the output of the AND gate goes logic high state. The frequency table is as follows: Please help me in this regard The monostable multivibrater produces a single pulse when a triggering pulse is applied to its triggering input.

91214B Datasheet

The resultant frequency signal is called ” Dual Tone Multiple Frequency “. The main theme of this project is to control the devices using telephone.

Control unit is kept with a sufficient backup. This 4-line-toline decoder utilizes TTL circuitry to decode four binary-coded inputs into one of sixteen mutually exclusive outputs when both the strobe inputs, G1 and G2, datasneet low.

On the M- models, this pin is tied to ground logic low. So no output will be available at the output terminal.

The row and column frequencies are given below: This is a control unit through which you can control your appliances. The dialed number of the device is displayed on seven segment display. Sebi Active Member Jun 5, The MT decoder uses a digital counting technique to determine the frequencies of the limited tones and to verify that they correspond to standard DTMF frequencies.

Vinoth Jeba Kumar Start date Jun 4, This circuit identifies the ringing 91214h sent 9114b the telephone exchange. Can i get an application example But these technologies have their own limitations.

This device saves your money.

It is nothing but remote telephone set which is present in the remote place. Before a decoded tone pair is registered, the receiver checks for valid signal duration referred to as character- recognition-condition. The filter also incorporates notches at and Hz, providing excellent dial tone rejection. This is same as lifting the receiver of telephone handset hook-off state. In both the cases, the column frequency Hz is the same. When this key is pressed the output of the line decoder goes low.


Minimal external components required include a low-cost 92114b.

When a signal is sent from the remote telephone, the telephone interface circuit comes to receive the signal. In such case if we have system which does 91214n require any radiations or which is not harmful, long remote control switch!! These datasheeg are identical and unique. Provision is made for connection of a feedback resistor to the op-amp output GS for gain adjustment.

Because of this here we need a BCD to seven segment decoder which gives logic low output for the respective BCD input. Started by fastline Yesterday at 8: So now the device code of the respective device is again pressed whose status is to be altered. Signal limiting is performed dataheet high gain comparators provided with hysteresis to prevent detection of unwanted low-level signals and noise.

This is a control system through which you can control your appliances.

The working of all the above IC’s are mentioned here before. When a negative going pulse is applied to its triggering input at pin 2, the output of the IC goes high. Your local phone i.