Narrator Terry Bregy adopts an appropriately boyish tone for his reading of Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt, a Newbery Honor Book in Bregy compels . Across Five Aprils is a Newbury Honor-winning novel by Irene Hunt that was first See a complete list of the characters in Across Five Aprils and in-depth. A short summary of Irene Hunt’s Across Five Aprils. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Across Five Aprils.

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Jun 03, Erin rated it really liked it.

Or does slavery throw a shader over greed and keep arcoss greed from shown’ up quite so bare and ugly? It flowed well and showed many events in a clear light. Hunt was close to her grandfather who told her stories from his youth, which she incorporated into Across Five Aprils. It gave a good picture of the civil war from a Northern perspective. Jun 05, Linda Hart rated it it was amazing. A few bad decisions made the troops to lose faith in their leaders and desert even more.

Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt

I loved the history!!! This is an extensively well researched book, the author having woven the story primarily from her grandfather’s journals but also from old newspaper clippings, letters, war journals, and stories he related to her and her parents. That night, Shadrach confesses that he fears he will never get the chance to marry Jenny if he goes on the battlefield and Ellen feels the same.

Matt Creighton Hollis McCarthy How do all these scattered events come t Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt manages to turn the thrilling action and gruesome turmoil of war into threadbare monotony. I don’t think I kin stand it. I had to read it for a history class and i hate it!


I began reading it right away, but I found the slang too challenging at the time. There’s no character development. Across Five Aprils by Irene Hunt manages to turn the thrilling action and gruesome turmoil of war into acrooss monotony.

Ross Milton Andy Sherman Feb 13, Brianna rated it did not like it.

User Reviews Parents say Kids say. I laughed and I cried with the experiences of a very genuine family and the impact I am reading this with a book with a group of 6th graders, and so far they do not appreciate this excellent book.

She researched the historical facts and integrated stories that were told to her by her grandfather.

Across Five Aprils

I found that the backwoods dialect was better experienced when spoken aloud. Real and real painful. Based on 4 accross. Feb 05, Jillian rated it it was amazing. I’ve been to many Civil War battlefields and I’ve seen the movie Gettysburg several times it’s 4 hours long, so that is saying something!

Mind you, I also thought TV’s The Waltons was the height of drama, so maybe my opinion is a bit skewed on the subject. He doesn’t know who what to do. Sprils Jethro, the main character, studies them in the newspapers and the letters home from the soldiers in his family give us the rest of the information.

Through the four long years of war, Jethro discovers the truth, with the death of one brother and the virtual loss of another when he chooses to fight for the Confederacy. Get it now Searching for streaming and purchasing options It was hard for me to really get into it when they were describe how he had to tend to the farm by himself; I would have liked more action and drama to occure.

Across Five Aprils Book Review

Tom and Eb leave their homes and they enroll into the army at the end of summer and Bill thinks about joint the army as well even though he considers the war to be pointless. Nov 14, Sean Campbell rated it did not like it.


I was forced to read it in school and hated it. I thought that the book was great. I felt that I was living on a farm in southern Illinois during the Civil War. The book is de I thought this was a great book. For some reason I tend to always pick books that have female protagonists, but this was a nice reminder that books about boys can be just as interesting!

A fourteen year old girl in love with a twenty-something year old man? It was not a behavior pattern of which the backwoods community approved; a lot of people smirked a little when they mentioned Bill Creighton. When Ellen and Jethro come home, Wilse Graham arrives as well and they begin to talk about the imminent war between the South and the North.

Full Cast and Crew. I recall the ending aprols a bit slapped on for happiness sake and that a happy ending that made sense in the context of the story to that point would’ve felt more natural, if a happy ending must happen that is.

This was a wonderful bookA good book for men and women, both, whether history lovers or readers who prefer human dramas. Despite literature that ideallizes the simplicity of an agrarian life in the ‘s, the reality is life was hard, with or without war.

Lincoln is reelected president while the North continues to win battle after battle.