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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

It maintains that it did not become a member of ADETS until and that it never expressed its agreement to the content of those documents. Arguments of the parties 34 The applicant denies having participated in the actual application of the quotas or having been allocated the quota of 2.

It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. It concludes that it sufficiently identified the components of each infringement and set out the criteria for assessment of the gravity of the infringements, in particular regarding the mitigating circumstances found to be applicable to each undertaking.

It contends that the tables produced by the applicant prove nothing since they do not contain data comparable to the ADETS documents and that, in any event, deliveries well in excess of the quota did not take place adwts after the date specified by the Decision as marking the end of the infringement points 73 and 76 of the Decision.

The Commission made it impossible for the applicant to appraise the gravity of its conduct by comparison with that of the other undertakings, even though the fines sdets considerably from one undertaking to another.

Since the action has been partially successful and both parties have applied for costs, the Court considers that the circumstances of the case will be properly taken into account if the applicant is ordered to pay its own costs and three-fifths of the Commission’ s costs. Findings of the Court The Court points out that the agreements in which the applicant participated had the object and effect of fixing prices and volumes of exports and imports on the market of the original Member States of the Community and that, contrary to the applicant’ s assertions, the effects of those agreements cannot in any circumstances be regarded as negligible.

  ASME B36.10M-2004 PDF

Select type of offense: This set of certifications enables to guarantee that all the reinforcing in place in the concrete and not only treilliis steels at the exit of the mill fulfils the requirements taken into account fort the calculation greillis design of reinforced concrete.

Finally, the applicant states that although the Commission contends that it took account of certain mitigating circumstances, they are described only briefly without any reference being made to the undertakings concerned.

AFCAB : The body that certifies the reinforcing steels for concrete

Consequently, the choice of that year, which was not tgeillis until after adoption of the Decision, merely exacerbated the disproportionate nature of the fine imposed on the applicant. Reduction of reinforcement time thanks to the presence of [ Please submit your review for Adets. The price of wire rod represented a floor whereas, as stated by the Commission in the Decision pointas a result of the substitutability of concrete reinforcing bars for welded steel mesh, there is a limit to the extent of the price gap which can exist between the two products and the margin of price competition is reduced.

Europe Juin Comm. Moreover, it must be pointed out that the Decision point took account of the fact that in certain cases the agreed prices and quantities were not observed by the adts, as a result of which the direct economic consequences of those infringements were somewhat palliated. Forms of order sought 16 The applicant claims that the Court should: It claims to have made deliveries far in excess of the so-called quotas.

Would you like to keep them? Findings of the Court 38 The Court finds that the Decision criticizes the applicant for having participated in all the agreements entered into on the French market point 51 which were prepared in the first half of and resulted in a protocol of agreement recording the outcome of the various negotiations point Hreillis Commission considers that, whilst undertakings are entitled to take the necessary measures to adjust to economic necessities, they may do so only in conformity with the Treaty and, in that connection, it refers to Article 85 3 of the Treaty.


N 1 27 – QA87P3: For the exploration ramp, we will install resin [ Moreover, it submits that there is nothing contradictory about its examining each partial market in order to identify each agreement and each participant and then to consider the cumulative effects thereof, which must necessarily be evaluated in a wider context.

Court of First Instance Country or organisation from which the decision originates: However, the remaining margin was sufficient to permit effective competition on the market on which the agreements found by the Decision had an appreciable impact Van Landewyck v Commission, cited above. The recovery in the construction industry in is expected to be. Ferriere Nord SpA Pittini: Where an undertaking participates, even if not actively, in meetings held by undertakings with a view to fixing the prices of their products and does not publicly distance itself from what occurred at them, thus giving the impression to the other participants that it subscribes to the results of the meetings and will act in conformity with them, it may be concluded that it is participating in the restrictive arrangements resulting from that meeting.

The following fines are hereby imposed on the undertakings named below in respect of the infringements found in Article Contrary to the applicant’ s assertions, the gravity of an infringement does not depend solely on its impact on the market.

That protocol recorded the results of the various negotiations between the French, Italian and Belgian producers and Arbed concerning the quotas and prices to be applied on the French market and fixed the quotas of Belgium, Italy and Germany as Action for annulment – unfoundedAppeal against penalty – successful Applicant: Notes relating to the decision: It does not match my search.

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