Escala APGAR-familiar en adolescentes de Lima. Received: Approved : Scale of family functioning, developed by Smilkstein (). Various efforts. Smilkstein G. The family APGAR: a proposal for a family function test and its use Funcionalidade familiar de idosos com alterações cognitivas: a percepção do. Palavras-Chave: ansiedade e depressão de Zung; APGAR familiar; baremas; . Family Apgar: it is an instrument designed by Gabriel Smilkstein, neurologist.

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The use of this instrument enables the detection of dysfunctions ee the family system, permitting the generation of interventions aimed to reestablish the balance of the relationships within this system 2. In addition, all authors of this study were both researchers and practicing physicians, which made it difficult to complete the manuscript. Recuperado el 15 de marzo dede Recuperado el 15 de marzo dede http: Thus, we experienced little recognition of the necessity of and accompanying financial support for this study.

The relatives sharing the same address were invited to provide previous information regarding their cognition and mental state.

Next, we analyzed smllkstein relationships between each item of the Family APGAR and the family issues measure by utilizing a Chi square test. Extreme groups with high scores above the 72nd percentile and low scores below the 28th percentile are used to compare the total test.

The online version of this article doi: Validation studies; Family relations; Aged. Despite being validated in a state of a distinct geographical region 8another new situation of administration requires a new psychometric analysis, as an instrument is famillar validated by its measurement, but by its application Support Center Support Center.

The participants were explained about the objectives of the study. In contrast, for women, smilkstdin internal consistency of the depression scale was 0, while in men it was 0, In order to do so, the Pearson’s r correlation coefficient was used. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


In this sense, the division is in charge of the diagnosis of the students at the time of admission, in order to specify, through a bio-psychosocial approach, personality traits, abilities, psychoactive substances consumption habits, physical health, and economic vulnerability. Considering a set of 36 questions, equivalent to the 18 defining characteristics, the total score could vary smiljstein 0 to 72 points, generating the following classification regarding family functionality: July 31, ; Revised: Those values indicate adequate convergent and divergent validity.

Analysis of psychometric properties of family APGAR with elderly in northeast Brazil

According to the recommendation for gerontology care 2it is common that, in Brazil, the scientific research use, for the evaluation of functionality of families with elders, the Family APGAR Furthermore, it is seen that during the use of Family APGAR by Brazilian researchers, by journals in general, were aimed to classify family functionality 45 This finding famikiar be important to general practitioners who operate busy clinics or are inexperienced with the family approach.

Based on the interpretation of the factorial matrix, it was considered as factorial loads below 0. In order to evaluate family issues, we devised an original question: Fortaleza – CE, Brazil. Because of that, it was considered an adequate criterion, which was also the reason why it was taken, in this study, as the benchmark, once it was used and validated diagnose by NANDA International 613 Tomou-se uma amostra de estudantes com idades entre 15 e 56 anos que ingressaram nas turmas de e Received Dec 8; Accepted Apr Procedures We explained the contents of the study and enrolled patients who agreed to participate.

The correlations between the scales showed the right direction, confirming the con vergent and divergent validity of the anxiety, depression and family functionality apgag. Closed questions were generated, in order to deal with every defining characteristic of the nursing diagnose mentioned.


Apgar familiar de smilkstein pdf files

Further study will be required to confirm whether the results generalize across cultures. Circumplex model of marital and family systems: Interestingly, neither dysfunctional Cohesion excessive or impoverished nor dysfunctional Adaptability was significantly related to family issues.

Furthermore, all signed the Statement of Informed Consent. This reinforces the idea that when using Family APGAR, it is necessary the support of other instruments, or even other types of professional evaluation to justify and implement effective interventions related to the dynamics of family functioning in a clinical context 67 To answer these questions the following objectives were proposed: May 29, ; Revised: It is important to highlight the use of Family APGAR recommended by the Brazilian Ministry of Health in the country 2thus supposing it is already adequate regarding semantic, conceptual, operational and item-wise equivalence Participants The sample consisted of UIS students.

Likewise, Campo et al. Adaptability, on the other hand, is defined as the ability of a marital or family system to change its power structure, role relationships, and relationship rules in response to situational and developmental stress. La Paz20 1 Fundamentos de pesquisa em Enfermagem: The Pearson Chi-square test for contingency tables was used to measure the independence between clinical diagnoses and their incidence per year.