philosophy according to Badiou, politics is by far the most consistent and elaborate. Bosteels), it is in fact only through a thorough exposition of Paul Cohen’s. _Badiou and Politics_ offers a much-anticipated interpretation of the work of the influential French philosopher Alain Badiou. Countering ideas of the philosopher . Bosteels is particularly skilled at rooting the debt of Badiou’s political philosophy to earlier discussions around structure and logic conducted in.

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Request removal from index. Ryan marked it as to-read Aug 08, Paul to Mao 2 a purely strategic aspect that sees in the militant a figure that works at cross-purposes with the viability of the very truth it aspires to activate 3 a question pertaining to relations between the contemporary subject and itself, to do with the psychological or subjective operability of truth in the context of postmodern consumer societies.

Rightists communists, such as Badiou held Althusser to be, held place, structure, to be unalterable. This state of affairs echoes throughout the contemporary theoretical scene. The role of the state, which is to be understood as the totality of factors that make a world, or set, represented in a given way is, polltics to Badiou, to obscure the foundational void.

Badiou and Politics by Bruno Bosteels

Create a reading list or add to an existing list. The dialectic of force is seen very much as one of destruction of the old by the new. What precisely is at stake in the affirmation of dialectical materialism for Badiou? There is no denying the relevance of the militant in such contexts of total rupture. I have no reservations about Bosteels work, except to say that it did not fully convince me an the originality of Badiou’s thought.


Todd May – – Comparative and Continental Philosophy 1 2: Bruno Bosteels is a philologist, a translator, an Associate Professor of Spanish Literature at Cornell University, and the current editor of Diacritics.

Badiou and Politics

If we trace the various worlds of history and their given impossibles, we can think in a trans-temporal way that overcomes the rules of any one culture or world.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Justice is not an end reached in the object, an order properly outfitted with checks and balances, but instead spontaneously affirmed at the edge of the void in the full, collective indeterminacy of a general will. Badiou would use dialectics not to show the irreversible direction of Society, but rather show why a given society can only present itself in certain ways without being radically transformed from within.

The Clamor of Being. The mistake in question is the tendency to misunderstand the upshot of the famous equation of mathematics and ontology—a misunderstanding that makes Badiou out to be the very sort of dualist, or absolutist, or dogmatist, that he has been at pains to separate himself from for decades. The count of the count thereby creates an excess of representation over the situation.

I have read a lot of Badiou at this point and this book helped me understand the philosopher much better. Logics of Change 7. Asad ben Gharbya rated it really liked it Oct 29, Vosteels comments and trackbacks are currently closed.

Contact Contact Us Help. Badiou, according to the account critiqued by Bosteels, is essentially the latest in a long line of philosophical dualists, his work articulated around an untenable divide between the abstract multiplicity of being and the site specific induction of purely subjective truths.

I had pooitics thinking along the same lines but needed this book to confirm my thoughts. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. In truly Bostee,s fashion, Badiou asserts that ontology is and has always been rooted in politicd and set theory.


I am badiiou here of the fate of zeal in an age of bsteels to wall snd hyperbole as well as the humiliatingly aboulic effects of what Heidegger lamented as the indifferentiating power of American but also Soviet consumerism, a power which places softdrinks and atrocity in Syria into the same endlessly undulating band of images and affects.

One cannot separate the concept from the genealogy of its revelation. View all 5 comments. As we have already seen, anxiety causes the subject to realize that the real is not as it is represented by the state. One is its sustained engagement with one particular theme, and the one that is probably of interest to most currently—politics, precisely. Bosteels has research interests spanning contemporary philosophy and critical theory, and has published over 30 articles in French, Spanish and English.

Bruno Bosteels – – In Gabriel Riera ed. In an intellectual environment that condemned dialectics for leading to the totalitarian disasters of the twentieth century, and that sometimes declared philosophy, itself, to be dead, Badiou declares that ontology survives modernity. All mathematical sets, and therefor all ontology, proceeds from the empty set, from nothingness, which is included in every set but contains in and of itself as itself a set no elements.

Jon Roffe – – Routledge.