Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School by Frank Richards. Published by Charles Skilton September (Reprinted , and ). Illustrated by. It was only when I came to think about this idea of a book of a lifetime that I remembered Billy Bunter and how he has quietly stayed with me. At a time when young children were enthralled by Andy Pandy, their older siblings were tucking into the adventures of Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School.

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Jun 02, Craig Herbertson rated it really liked it. To ask other readers questions about Billy Bunter of Greyfriars Schoolgrefyriars sign up.

Instead of sending Mr Bunter a very bad report on his son, Quelch is able to give a very good one. I just love watching the plays, and wish they would go on for ever.

Billy Bunter Of Greyfriars School | Nostalgia Central

Its quite difficult to make a story compelling with a main character like that but this makes it work. The addictive magic; the appeal of Frank Richards does not, any more than that of Chesterton, or Conan-Doyle, rely on novel or complex plots.

A boyhood favorite, I find Bunter did not age well. Formulaic slapstick gets monotonous after a while, and William George Bunter is ultimately a kf unsympathetic protagonist. The very first of the famous Billy Bunter books destined to scgool Frank Richards into a celebrity. Young Melvyn Hayes played Skinner to the life, and yet it seemed that all of his later roles were nice guys.

Billy Bunter Of Greyfriars School

If only the threat of ‘six of the best’ could be used today maybe we would have a more respe Well a good book and an excellent writer of the times. Gerald Campion’s last ever broadcast in the role of Billy Bunter occurred in Julyas part of a BBC Radio 4 series of spoof documentaries examining the careers of famous fictional characters, entitled Whatever Happened To Smithy, the Famous Five, Horace Coker; all are present.


Title Transmission date Repeated 1 The Siege The TV shows ran throughout the ’50’s, a testament to just how popular the stories were. We even have one of those low class villains who had been regularly menacing Greyfriars fellows for the past forty years, Mr Nosey Jenkins.

Isn’t that enough people for the BBC or some company to release an expensive collectors edition DVD of the surviving episodes, as most of us fans would pay an awful lot of money to see these shows properly.

The character Billy Bunter featured in stories about the fictional Greyfriars School which appeared for over 30 years in fact, continuously from to in the boys’ comic The Magnetwritten mainly by author Charles Hamilton although, as Hamilton was not always the author, the stories were published under the collective pen-name of Frank Richards.

I had read only one Billy Bunter story before – in my teens – when I had found a dog-eared copy of “Billy Bunter comes for Christmas” at a local raddiwala.

May 11, Simon Gough rated it really liked it.

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School (TV series) – Wikipedia

Nine episodes exist today as telerecordings. Harry Wharton is your stereotypical protagonist like the ones in Enid Blyton books – the sports captain, the boy with the heart of gold.


Although they were credited on transmission under the traditional ov Frank Richardsthey were most likely written by producer Clive Parkhurst. Billy Bunter Cassell 1. A precursor to Enid Blyton’s five find-outers, Billy Bunters’s boarding school experience was light and funny, unlike the modern day Harry Potter.

Retrieved from ” https: Various funny goings on at a boarding school. I guess this is not one that the youngsters of today would gdeyfriars, not enough action and swearing? Retrieved from ” https: In the last two years of Hamilton’s life, the show’s final producer, Clive Parkhurst, embarked on a policy of remaking the earliest scripts on a wholesale basis, and ultimately abandoned the school setting entirely: Use the HTML below.

My only regret is the s edition which annoyingly ‘updated’ some of the period language. And Frank Richards succeeds to a great extent. Despite all bad qualities there is an inherent goodness in him, which pulls him out of trouble in the end in every book.

How can it be? There are many more such interesting characters. Pseudonym of author Charles Hamilton.

The format of the books was slightly different of course. Jun 25, Gavin rated it it was ok Shelves: My dad always raves about Billy Bunter, but I could not get my hands on buntee books for a long time.