Mel Mermelstein is a Hungarian-born Jew, sole-survivor of his family’s extermination at He wrote of the court battle in his autobiography, entitled By Bread Alone. “About these so-called deniers of The Holocaust, and who they really are, see. Mermelstein, Mel. By Bread Alone. Auschwitz Study Foundation, Inc: Huntington Beach, CA, Professor Marcuse recomended reading By Bread Alone. Looking at the Holocaust from two perspectives: Mel Mermelstein’s book By Bread Alone, and an interview with survivor Ralph Hokmann. by Amber Anapolsky.

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Rosswegaunear Munkacs is a Hungarian-born Jewsole-survivor of his family’s extermination at Auschwitz concentration camp who defeated the Institute for Historical Review in an American court and in had the occurrence of gassings in Auschwitz during mermelwtein Holocaust declared a legally incontestable fact.

Mel Mermelstein, a survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Buchenwald, and all other survivors of Auschwitz” for “pain, anguish and suffering” caused to them.

Mel Mermelstein

By looking at the different perspectives on the Holocaust from Mel Mermelstein, the Institution for Historical Review, and the recollections of a Holocaust survivor, hopefully you will gain a better picture of the Holocaust. Suffering starvation and Typhus any longer than that, he surely would have met his demise. I think it’s very important that we understand what happened during the Holocaust, which really wasn’t that long ago. Johnson of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County took ” mmermelstein notice of the fact that Jews were gassed to death at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland during the summer of ,” [1] [2] judicial notice meaning that the court treated the gas chambers as common knowledge, and therefore did not require evidence that the gas chambers existed.


His story is a true example of survival and the will of man. Hardcoverpages.

By Bread Alone: The Story of A-4685

The Institute for Historical Review claims that the chimneys of Auschwitz did not smoke from the gas chambers. Sep 21, Chad rated it liked it. Phyllis Eisenstadt rated it it was amazing Apr 30, For me, the impression I left with after reading this, is that humans can not only be angels but also demons consider, also the “jewish kapos” scum in the camps Auschwitz Study Foundation, Inc: References to this book Auschwitz: From inside the book. It is simply a fact.

Meaghan rated it really liked it Feb 04, What can we do to avoid future Holocausts? Mar 15, Erica Pierce rated it really liked it. Bread was heavy enough to serve as a good missile, and would land mfrmelstein aimed.

It was fascinating and horrifying. Apr 27, Charlene Mathe rated it it was amazing. This page was last edited on 27 Augustat I was curious as to why and how people could deny that the Holocaust happened.

Want to Read saving…. The descriptions are frighteningly presented me heart wrenchi By Bread Alone The Story of A By Mel Mermelstein There are so many books about the Holocaust now, some public libraries are refusing to obtain them any more. No eBook available Amazon. Account Options Sign in.

Mermelstein: By Bread alone

mermelstsin In the book, Mermelstein uses pictures, newspaper articles, and documents as evidence to support his claim. The Institute for Historical Review denies some of the facts about the Holocaust. It was filling and nourishing, and it also held a religious significance. Mermelstein also sued the IHR in for an article in the IHR Newsletter that examined what it considered to be flaws and inconsistencies in his lawsuit testimony.


This read is more than Mr. The following study of the case entitled Mel Mermelstein vs.

Mermelstein survival, but also a history lesson on how this Evil system of death started, and how even in the 80s Mr. Jun bt, Vivvi rated it it was amazing. Mermelstein continues to fight against history revisionists who deny the existance or impact of the Evil Holocaust.

Huntington Beach, CA, It’s amazing that we as humans need reminders to treat each other as human beings. Willis Carto founded the Institute for Historical Review in Vizara rated it it was amazing Aug 26, Mel Mermelstein explains the title of the book: I tried to understand, but I was impatient. He does not forget! The descriptions are frighteningly presented with heart wrenching indisputable detail, often minute by minute. He wrote of the court battle in his autobiography, entitled By Bread Alone.