Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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Windows Management with CFEngine Enterprise – CFEngine – Distributed Configuration Management

All software documentahion are bundled with the CFEngine Enterprise package. For example, the getgid function does not return anything on Windows. CFEngine Enterprise supports fine-grained management of the Windows registry. We now have a basic skeleton policy that we can test our Windows promises with.

In the variable declaration, replace “cftesting” with your domain name:. In cfengine you have to place it on one line. CFEngine Enterprise can documentatiin complete control of the state of all Windows services.

Note that these variables are not statically coded, but retrieved from the current system. Note the full path to the binary in the above command. Windows special variablesPrevious: For the latest documentation, go here: The autoapt files were originally taken from this site and updated to conform cfengije the documentation. Your path might vary depending on your platform and the packages your are using.

If you are just going to test your policies on a Windows host, it is more efficient to not bootstrap to a policy server, but run the policies locally just after you create them.

CFEngine 3.7 Manual

At the time when I tried it setting the package format to “dpkg” meant using Sun packages, rather than Debian ones. CFEngine Enterprise communicates bi-directionally on portso make sure that this port is open for outgoing and incoming TCP connections.


Provided somebody doesn’t show me where I’m missing this feature I may try to code it up sometime. On the server side, Windows Server and newer is supported. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. To solve this, we place escaped quotes around the executable. Bundles cfengins related promises to be grouped together, as illustrated in the steps that follow. Windows service managementPrevious: The result is that CFEngine is always waiting for the commands to finish execution before checking the next promise.

A promise is a declaration of intent. We will assume this general skeleton for the rest of this document, modifying the contents of the test bundle only. What is the advantage of autoapt.

Several people have suggested I look at Puppet which is something I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. With this script you can do more than just add packages too – you can uninstall docummentation.

CFEngine Reference

Now, we again run cf-promises. Cfengine is able to install software without any additional tools. This will return to the prompt. Thus, the parts of promises containing these features will be ignored.

Windows service managementCfenbine In the vi editor, enter i for “Insert” and enter the following content ie. With CFEngine this is simple. The total disk consumption is about 70 MBand the memory usage is less than 30 MB. No, they were made a while back – but I forgot to update the code here. Articles and comments are the property of their respective posters. Note if your CFEngine administrator has enabled continuous deployment of the policy from a Version Control System, your changes may be overwritten!


Site hosting provided by Bytemark Hosting. The Windows msi -packages will get silently installed no prompts to Cfengine under your cdengine files directory e.

Testing policies locallyPrevious: See the CFEngine reference manual for an updated list of supported data types. I think that it will become much more popular when it becomes more mature – and then I can use cfengine to install it ; Steve. I’ve not seen that error before, but I think I can see where it comes from.

We’ve described setting up a small network of hosts managed by CFEngine previously, but once installed what do you do cocumentation it? Notes on windows policiesPrevious: Run cf-key -l C: This means it runs in the background and starts with Windows, before any user logs in. Edit this to your domain, e. On the plus side it is cleaner and has more flexability. In this example the packages lessvimsudoand deborphan will be installed upon all managed hosts – and the machine with hostname desk1 will have emacs21 installed upon it.

Docu,entation you are correct, please see the updated code here: As you get familiar with CFEngine, you’ll probably start shortening this command to this equivalent:. Copyright Steve Kemp