LibraryThing Review. User Review – – LibraryThing. An interesting overview of Indo-European myths, their structures, and the. JAAN PUHVEL: Comparative Mythology. Pp. x+; 17 white figures. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins U. Press, Paper,?9. A paperback of Puhvel’s . Being essentially a textbook, the new survey of comparative mythology by Jaan Puhvel has the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of.

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Brill, in the bibliographical references.

With Puhvel’s apparent familiarity with the literature developed by the French school around Georges Dumkzil, it is rather surprising not to see the problem of Vedic cosmogony discussed in the light of Jean Varenne’s Cosmogonies vkdiques Paris: The last chapters briefly discuss important themes, mostly connected with the upper two DumCzilian functions: Return to Book Page. Piper Perry rated it it was amazing Sep 26, Magic plays an important role in the Scandinavian world, and two differ- ent types of practices are carefully distinguished, namely, I galdr, essentially incantations, oral spells, and the like, and 2 seidr, which Freyja teaches Odin-a kind of shamanistic skill that enables him to journey to distant countries in another shape while his body remains in catalepsy cf.

Comparative Mythology

You know the type: Trivia About Comparative Mytho It weaves a punvel of culture, language, and myth to show how archetypes and beliefs were spread and evolved from sources like India and ancient Iran throughout Europe, including Ancient Greek and Celtic mythology. An interesting overview of Indo-European myths, their structures, and the common aspects thereof.


It is was written in the 90s and cites Dumezil as recommended reading quite frequently. In reading this volume one is taken on a tour of the whole field of the history of religions today, with its various problems and its many possibilities. Almina rated it really liked it Apr 14, Recently I’ve seen that Dumezil is no longer accepted as an authority or at least a sole authority on IE jaaan.

Your purchase benefits world literacy! It surprised me every time, but made the book that much more of a genuinely fun read.

I’ve always been intrigued by how world mythologies seem to fit together, with too many similarities to be coincidental. It is well-planned, eclectic, and goal-oriented; characterized by a remarkable clar- ity of exposition, it carefully holds the precarious balance between text and interpretation in such a way that the student is not plunged into the quagmire of conflicting exegeses of the myths, but led, as it were, by Ariadne’s thread through the maze of difficult explanations to the coherent solution proposed by the author.

Comparative mythology – Jaan Puhvel – Google Books

And yet, as Puhvel shows, incredible parallels exist between the mythologies of, e. Comparative mythology Jaan Puhvel Snippet view – Account Options Sign in.

Dense reading though, I suggest taking notes. Bela Brogyanyi and Thomas Krommelbein [Amsterdam: The name phuvel this cultic pillar, destroyed by Charlemagne, does not designate a column dedicated to Irmin, but what Rudolf of Fulda described as a universalis columna quasi sustinens omnia-a cosmic pillar, an axis mundi cf. He has a more post- structuralist approach, which might be puyvel for many students of myth who come from a Jungian background, or for Pagans who might be more interested in enhancing their own phenomenological relationships with myth and meaning.


The author’s humor was enjoyable, though. This book is quite scholarly, but having made it through, I’m glad I read it.

Linguistic and Philological Investigations, ed. Books by Jaan Puhvel.

Comparative Mythology by Jaan Puhvel

Separate chapters on individual traditions as well as on recurrent thees – god and warrior, king and virgin, fire and water – give life to “Comparative Mythology” as both a general introduction and a detaled luhvel. United States United Kingdom Canada.

Dense going, but I found it to be a good starting overview of the ancient myths in many Indo-European cultures. That said, he does demonstrate quite a number of similarities that do seem to get to the heart of IE traditions. Textes et Mkmoires 8 [Leiden: By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by these terms.

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