Can I make a booking for persons other than myself? Of course. Simply Register or follow the booking process. Select journey and after login you will be asked. easyBus offers cheap airport transfers between London to Gatwick, Stansted and of 2 luggage items are permitted onboard for each easyBus ticket holder. You must Cancel the existing booking first, a cancellation/admin. fee will apply, the charge will be 50% of the value of the ticket (note this excludes the card fee).

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Please see the “our prices” page on each route page. Smoke whilst on board any easyBus Vehicle. In addition to your luggage allowance, Additional Luggage may be carried exsybus that you book and pay for an additional seat upon which the Additional Luggage must be carried.

What fares do you charge

Tocket it off for this site and you will then be able to print your tickets. Take onto any easyBus Vehicle any alcoholic drinks or drugs other than medication with the intention of consuming them or to consume them or board any easyBus Vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A large number of new printers have the option to ticke the content of web pages on one page. If you just turn up and buy at the Airport easyBus ticket desk Luton and Stansted Airports only prevailing walk up fares will apply at non-Internet prices.

If you are unable to show your ticket you will not be permitted to travel.

If we have reason to suspect fraudulent use of a ticket, we reserve the right to refuse your permission to travel. Changing A Booking Simply login to easyBus account and locate the booking s you wish to change.

In these Conditions of Carriage, the following words shall have the following meanings: The Walk Up Fare ticet be charged for such seat s. Our liability is limited to that stated in these Conditions of Carriage: What fares do you charge? Should a passenger present himself or herself for travel with any prohibited items, carriage will be denied unless the passenger properly and safely disposes of the prohibited item.


If, for operational reasons, a substitute carrier operates an easyBus Service on our behalf then such substitute carrier will be treated as our sub-contractor and these Conditions of Carriage shall apply.

Please enable javascript to view this website properly. No refund will be provided for any Booking not utilised as a result of a failure to present your tickets. Your easyBus account will be credited with the remainder of the ticket fare, this may be used to purchase further tickets on easyBus. Select ‘Print Ticket’ or ‘Print pdf Ticket’.

You must print off tickets before you travel to show the driver. See our privacy statement for more information. Then re-book with any new information, such as new dates of travel, new destination or changes to passenger names. Can not print my tickets!? Our maximum liability to you for any loss, damage or liability which you may suffer or incur as a result of our failure to carry you, our delay in carrying you, any breach of contract to carry you, our negligence in connection with carrying you, or the deliberate or negligent acts or omissions of any of our officers, employees, agents, representatives or sub contractors shall be limited to the wasybus of the easyBus ticket purchased for that journey.

Please enable javascript to view this website properly.

Frequently Asked Questions Contact us. Frequently Asked Questions Contact us. Book online for best prices and to reserve your seat. Click on the Your Account Tab at the top of the easyBus home page www.

Terms & Conditions | easyBus

This means that as seats are sold the price goes up. Children under 14 must be seated using appropriate child restraints, car seats and booster seats in accordance with UK law.


Comply with any request or direction from a member of staff. You may also be required to provide a credit card password in which case you will be prompted online by your card issuer. Booking Confirmation Number means the reference number allocated to each passenger booking.

Terms & Conditions:

Use mobile telephones considerately bearing in mind the comfort of other passengers. You should arrive at the boarding point specified in your tickets at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for that easyBus Service. If we cancel or withdraw an easyBus Service before it has commenced, due to a circumstance within our reasonable control and you have made a booking for travel on the easyBus Service concerned, our liability to you will be at our option to: Print either a webpage or PDF version of your tickets.

Post-journey Customer Feedback must be submitted via our contact us form within 28 days of the date of travel. Children under the age dasybus 3 years must have an infant seat.

Please click here to Book your easyBus Ticket. You can print off the confirmation by clicking on “display select booking” and printing off the page which is then displayed.

Airport Transfers

Please click here to Book your easyBus Ticket. Frequently Asked Questions Contact us. Prohibited Items All Routes: You should insure your luggage with reputable insurers easybis all usual and normal risks of loss or damage to the full replacement value of the luggage. Children under 3 years of age must sit in an approved infant seat that fits on the bus and is compliant with current UK regulations.