Magazines from found on from · Embed Share Manual de Configuração da Rede eduroam – Instituto Politécnico de from To access the internet, we strongly recommend using the REAUMUR or EDUROAM network. Otherwise, IPB-JMC15 accounts can be used on. To access the internet, we strongly recommend using the REAUMUR or EDUROAM network. Otherwise, IPB-JMC15 accounts can be used on both the.

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Accepted contributions are online on http: Identity and access management E-learning standards Learning objects.

Undergraduate (Education) | Bogor Agricultural University

How to submit a poster. With the implementation of Bologna Process more students, lecturers and staff will be on mobility programs within European higher education institutions. Web Single Sign-On SSO resolves ipn of these issues of identity management, because the authentication is managed centrally and the user can navigate through different Web applications using the same session.

You can eat off the train, from At the first level, the dduroam of directory Servers like LDAP, Active Directory and others, solve some problems of having multiple logins and passwords for authentication.

Exposition, Posters, Tables Rondes et Forums. The growing of Web applications like Learning management Systems, portals, Blogs, Wikis, and others, need a more effective way of identity management, providing security and accessibility.

Abstracts of plenary sessions. We invite you to submit an abstract on your research to one of the mini-colloquia thematic sessions for an oral or a poster presentation. Registration are now open https: Identity management and e-learning standards for promoting the sharing of contents and services in higher education.


E Then, to begin the evening, at the invitation of the Mayor of Pessac, a viewpoints is organized by the JMC15 and SFP Aquitaine, around the question ” Can the condensed matter physics helps solve the energy problems facing our societies? JMC15 welcome party, monday 22 august. Round tables – Forums. A lunch buffet lpb greet you Monday noon, next to the recording desk. The JMC15 program is available online.

JMC15 Opening, monday 22 august. This paper presents the main features of e-learning standards and how it can be used in conjunction with identity management systems to create collaborative learning objects repositories to promote a more effective learning experience and a more competitive European eduroaam for higher education, with respect to the requirements of knowledge based societies.

With new requirements for authentication, authorization and identity management for Web applications, most higher education institutions implement several solutions to address these issues.

Local organizing committee JMC He will be the invited speaker for the openin cermony of the JMC15 week in Bordeaux. The creation of identity management federations is mandatory to provide the mobility of users and to permit the exchange of contents and services between institutions. The European best destination Call for communications minicolloquia JMC Please use this identifier to cite or link to this item: SSO systems provide an effective way to manage authentication and authorization inside institutions, but are restricted to the administrative domain of each institution.


Items in Repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Roundtable on the scientific publishing Amphi. JMC15 Et page Facebook https: Enter the username and password above.

This paper reports on some of the issues highlighted in the light of recent developments. Show full item record Give your opinion.

Undergraduate (Education)

Plenary and semi-plenary talks. In this paper, we present the status of identity management systems and e-learning standards across Europe, in order to promote the mobility and the sharing of contents and services in higher education institutions.

Alves, Paulo Uhomoibhi, James.

Plenary and semi-plenary speakers list has been unveiled. The city of Bordeaux. You are invited to send your proposal for a mini-colloquium in Eduroan or French until 31 October to: Submissions are now closed. Planning and abstracts of JMC15 communications.

Template for abstract eng. Abstracts of semi-plenary communications. Alves, Paulo; Uhomoibhi, James To share contents and services within Europe, the adoption of standards is mandatory. Condensed Matter division of the SFP.