The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory .. Habiendo leído otros libros sobre la Condesa Sangrienta, he de reconocer que este libro me costó. Isabel Báthory es conocida por ser considerada la mayor asesina en La Condesa Sangrienta () narra desde la niñez, la vida de Isabel. La vida de la asesina más temida de todos los tiempos habría terminado hace años, un 21 de agosto,la condesa Elizabeth Bathory ponía.

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Matthias was not inclined to pay that debt, which historians say may have fueled his move to incriminate the countess and deny her the opportunity to defend herself in court.


Dec 24, Ashley rated it liked it. Just thinking about it makes me want to take a shower. Apart from that is a very interesting reading about a homicidal maniac that was Elisab This book is Realismo magico applicato alla biografia: That, coupled with a stunning lack of references, annoys the crap out of me.

Valentine Penrose was a Surrealist poet, one of the first women in the movement.

Awakening these dark powers within herself, she would live o “The moon being in Capricorn, it was advisable clndesa bathe in the middle of the night, to the accompaniment of the interminable and monotonous drone of magic spells, in a bath of bitter resin. Penrose was a poet, though: Towards the end it goes off without warning onto an extended tangent about Gilles De Rais – a simlarly monstrous figure, who has hitherto been mentioned in passing. After discovering and falling in love with Solar Books the other week, I realized that I already had one of their books–The Bloody Countess.


Nov 01, Kelsey rated it liked it Shelves: These people are better left damned to being unremembered.

Jul 18, Laurie rated it did not like it. I’ The foreword made the book seem promising–it mentioned many sanfrienta letters and historical context.

This book follows in the vein of La Bas and Benedetti’s Bluebeard–lyrical and poetic, we are able to see not only the actions but also the psychological and historical affecting and surrounding Erzsebet Bathory.

Ironically, for the pages and pages recounting mentally ill family members throughout the centuries which included Erzsebet’s older brother Istvan the “satyr”, and “mad” King Sigusmundnot a word was written about Vlad III. Penrose does an amazing job at giving a sense o After discovering and falling in love with Solar Books the other week, I realized that I already had one of their books–The Bloody Countess.

These years witnessed a reign of cruelty unsurpassed in the annals of mass murder, with the Countess’ depredations on the virgin girls of the Carpathians leading to some deaths. Then, see why Lizzie Borden may not have murdered her parents after all. It’s actually for research, but Erzebat Bathory always fascinated me.

Oct 20, Carole Gill rated it it was amazing. Readers seeking a sober recounting of history will not find it in this book. Jul 03, The Badger rated it did not like it.

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Near the end, the author finally veers off track and spends an entire chapter coondesa his crimes. I found this book to be a disappointment. You might also like.

This time, I figured out why I didn’t like it. Unfortunately, the Countess started to find relief in mistreating her young waitresses, until her violent moods and frustrated sexuality got out of control.


I have literally read textbooks for barhory I’m a dork I know but this was absolutely unbearable. To see what your friends thought bathry this book, please sign up. And her taciturnity was such that in a mirror, where every woman smiles at her reflection, she struck at herself over and over again, hammering her own effigy at her dumb forge.

From adolescence she indulged in sadistic lesbian fantasies, where only the spilling of a woman’s blood could satisfy her urges.

Perfect for any enthusiasts, I confesa not recommend this book to anyone who is not already familiar with Countess Bathory’s history and looking to find out more.

As to the letters, only three were presented at the very end of the book. Couldn’t even get all the way through it. Penrose does an amazing job at giving a sense of the absolute and unrepentant darkness of the Countess.

Elizabeth Bathory : Pascal Croci :

I picked it up again a few days ago to get it off my book to-do list. Also, the filthiest parasites and criminals did not miss elizqbeth chance to scrounge money off the Countess by feeding her obsessions with hocus-pocus black magic and exploiting her sexual depravity.

Accordingly, this book in a dreamy, poetic style. It really is wonderfully written, and a joy to read albeit clumsy at times, presumably because it was translated – just don’t use it for your thesis project, because its historical sobriety is akin to King Jesus by Robert Graves.