Another Vivaldi opera enters the discography, and this one’s a beauty. Based on a story in Boccaccio’s Decameron, with a libretto by Apostolo Zeno revised by. Vivaldi’s genius came to full fruition in his masterpiece Griselda. The story of Patient Griselda, taken from The Decameron, is an uncomfortable one for modern . Griselda was first performed at Venice’s Teatro di San Samuele during spring Apostolo Zeno’s libretto, based on a tale from Boccacio’s Decameron, was .

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Now, after the recent birth of a son has led to another rebellion from the Thessalians against Griselda as a queen, Gualtiero is forced to dismiss her and promises to take a new wife. For his debut at the Teatro San Samuele, Vivaldi chose the libretto by Apostelo Zeno about a queen who was bullied for her humble origins.

Furthermore, it vivaaldi revealed that he never intended to marry Costanza anyway, because she is his daughter by Griselda! Griselda continues to love Gualtiero, despite his rejection.

Griselda absolutely refuses and declares she would rather die.

Griselda — Opera Settecento Company

The Return of Ulysses. The people of Thessaly complained, however, that he had married beneath his station.

Among the men, Philippe Jaroussky is the stand-out. Home News Contacts Copyright. Today, Griselda is rarely performed, but it featured as one of the festival season presentations of The Santa Fe Opera. Iestyn Davies, another counter-tenor, makes a good impression in the smaller rgiselda of Corrado. Compositions by Antonio Vivaldi. At this point, Gualtiero embraces her, having demonstrated her virtue to the rebellious people, and takes her back as his wife.


The opera is fuelled by this tension between professional ambition and personal sacrifice, by behaviour that is both horrific and utterly human. Griselda “, review of the Naxos recording on musicalcriticism.

Personally, I thought the energy was wonderful. Two arias from the opera have become popular concert pieces with singers such as Cecilia Ggiselda and Simone Kermes.

Faced with such virtue, the people can no longer oppose Griselda as queen. She is in love with Corrado’s younger brother, Roberto, and the thought of being forced to marry Gualtiero drives her to despair. He casts Griselda aside as ignoble and states his intention to marry the princess Costanza instead. The proposed bride is in fact Costanza, who is unaware of griselxa true parentage and unknown to Griselda.

Sensing the fashion for the new modern galant idiom, Vivaldi was careful to contrast the traditional vocal fireworks with a new mellifluous and vivalfi structured style. In he maintained to have written 94 operas, and to an English visitor he laid claim to 17 printed viivaldi when in reality there were only 12 Vivaldi cheekily inflated the figure by including the sets issued in two volumes.

Tenor Stefano Ferrari sings nobly, griaelda in “Sento che l’alma teme,” but let’s face it: Goldoni himself penned an account of his first meeting with Vivaldi: Because it’s not at all a masculine sound, perhaps it was wise to cast him as the relatively passive Roberto. Ottone still resolutely pursues Griselda and Gualtiero promises him her hand as soon as he himself has married Costanza. Gualtiero and Corrado reveal the true identity of Costanza, Ottone is pardoned and the girl is allowed to marry Roberto.

If there’s not much respite in this recording, Vivaldi has vivadi share at least some of the blame with Spinosi, the Ensemble Matheus, and the cast. Gualtiero tells Griselda that he is replacing her with a more royal consort. Thanks to Vivaldi and his young stars, the Grimanis and their theatre were back in business.


Such “genre arias,” if you will, were typical of the era. Vivaldi’s genius came to full fruition in his masterpiece Griselda.

Gualtiero, still not satisfied, pledges Griselda to Ottone. Griselda, now living rough again, cries herself to sleep. CD Review Antonio Vivaldi. These complexities resonate not only with the griselra that might exist within a domestic union, but with the power that individuals seek and play out in public life. The villain thinks he’s won the girl! Based on a story in Boccaccio’s Decameronwith a libretto by Apostolo Zeno revised by the famous Carlo Goldoni, the plot of Griselda is typically convoluted.

There’s no denying that this is an electrified and electrifying performance, and I can see where his detractors are coming from, without agreeing with them. Even so, Griselda remains a vocal cord-buster. Meanwhile, Costanza and Roberto continue to struggle with the conflicting demands of griseldx and loyalty. The score contains geiselda of Vivaldi’s finest – and most difficult arias – including Agitata da due venti and Dopo un’orrida procella.

He also appears to have encouraged and promoted singers better known for their acting skills.

Cast & Crew

The opera proper concerns Gualtiero’s test of Griselda’s worthiness — his way of justifying his choice to his people. Download the Program including libretto.

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