When Hecatomb enters the battlefield, sacrifice Hecatomb unless you sacrifice Tap an untapped Swamp you control: Hecatomb deals 1 damage to any target. Contents Overview 3 Object of the Game 3 Play of the Game 3 Parts of a Card 4 Card Types, Mana Cards, and Abominations 7 Zones 8 Deck Rules and. Hecatomb is an out-of-print collectible card game created by Wizards of the Coast. The base set of cards was released on August 18, at the annual .

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hecatomb | CPA Message Boards

I didnt liked the results and so decided to forget it. An abomination with the Reaper ability. With only one doom in a deck, you always have mana cards of the doom you need, but you have few conditional abilities and fewer cards in general to choose from. Its minions include shapeshifters, mutants, and haunted objects called animates.

When an abomination blocks, the blocker and attacker fight. A fate you can play during combat. Cards go there when destroyed or discarded.

A powerful item, usually with strange powers. Michael Keller wrote a rules file for Hecatomb for this program, and the program won the first game it played on August 1, against Michael. For example, if a combat fate damages an attacker, reducing the attacker to one minion, the attacker neither reaps souls nor exchanges damage.

Mortals in the service of endbringers. A conditional effect has the doom of the trigger that created it. You can add up to one card to your mana zone during each of your turns.


A hwcatomb usually includes cards of two dooms, with minions whose conditional abilities match those dooms. One hwcatomb four fundamental forces of evil: If the effect changes card stats or overrides game rules, it lasts only until end of turn.

Put into the graveyard.

Conversely, with Pandemonium the Dreadnaught could easily do 12 damage for 1 mana. I didn’t mean to get so uptight over this card.

Abilities that deal damage target abominations, not individual minions. Animates align themselves with deceit and greed. Put a card from your hand into your graveyard. Where you put cards you want to generate mana.

A triangular, colored area in one of four corners around the name and art of a minion card. You untap your tapped cards during the ready phase.

Hecatomb (card game)

You choose which cards rhles discard unless the effect says otherwise. You can play combat minions outside of combat as well, as normal minions.

The opposite of a continual effect is a one-time effect. Points that players fight over. Obviously Hecatomb isn’t broken simply hecatlmb you can tap your lands without sacking the creatures to it and if anyone thinks it is, then it just supports my argument that it needs erratabut I feel that if you have similar abilities on other cards that needed errata, it would just make rulex to have all the other cards with the same ability or mechanic to be governed by the same rules.

Play combat fates and combat minions: If a stitched abomination ends up with more than 5 minions, sever the extra top minions. A creature that can change form, such as a werewolf or kitsune.

Variant Rules | Hecatomb | BoardGameGeek

When it comes before a number, it indicates that the number adds to some other value and that similar bonuses add together. Deceit Deceit is the power of lies, trickery, and shadow. It just reminds you of how effects work.


If you already have a god in play, sacrifice it when you play the new one. At the beginning of each of your upkeeps remove a delay counter from each creature. The cards in Hecatomb draw from a variety of sources from ancient myth to the stories of H. Setup and Start Players shuffle their decks and put them face down.

You can have hecato,b more than three copies of a card in your deck. Some endbringers think outsiders are here to destroy this universe just as the endbringers seek to destroy the latest world. A type of card, put into the play zone, that usually has both a one-time effect and a continual effect. The person who ends hecatimb world gains power and moves on to another world to repeat the process.

Simultaneous Abilities Sometimes two abilities happen at the same time, such as when two abilities happen at end of turn.

Place it face up and inverted. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Some abilities apply only to individual minions. Thanks everyone i hope its cleared ryles on who was right.