Nutr Cancer. ;68(1) doi: / Epub Jan Inula Viscosa Extracts Induces Telomere Shortening and Apoptosis . Overview of the medicinal plant Inula viscosa, Inula viscosa R&D, cultivation, processing, extraction and formulations by Avisco Ltd. Traditional medicine uses of Inula viscosa, folk medicine practices and refernces from traditional medicine books.

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They do not leach from the vacuole if fixation temperatures are kept low; the cell structures are thus retained and artefacts are missing see nucleus and mitochondria in Figs 12, 13, Their cells reacted positively for the same compounds as the primary calluses and produced equally intense staining.

Figure 24 shows that callus cells produce almost the whole spectrum of polar compound groups detected in the leaves yet in smaller quantities, as the intensity of staining indicates. However, evaluation of TLC separations of the callus extracts, if compared with those of the leaves, shows that fractions are almost identical although the concentration of some metabolites in the callus extracts may be too low for detection.

Inula viscosa Honey

Histochemical investigations led to the localization of the synthetically active sites or cells and contributed to the identification of the major compound groups secreted. Co-chromatography of the previous two extracts is shown in the middle.

In Figs 6, 8, red arrows indicate tannin-rich, bundle-sheath cells. Pharmacological screening of the anti-ulcerogenic effects of some Jordanian medicinal plants in rats. Visvosa seems that the cultured cells do not produce non-polar volatile metabolites that could be detected with GC-MS.


Glandular trichomes on the leaves and flowers visscosa Plectranthus ornatus: In vitro propagation of lavandin: Dittrichia viscosa is a highly branching perennial common throughout the Mediterranean Basin. Our aim was to compare them to similar extracts from the fresh leaves and to publish data on leaf products of Inula viscosa.

The percentage compositions of the extracts are based on peak areas obtained without FID flame ionization detector factor correction. Histochemical analyses of laticifers and glandular trichomes in Cannabis ibula. Positive reactions for many compound groups are obtained from both leaves and the leaf calluses of at least two generations.

Inula viscosa traditional medicine

Chasing the enzymes of secondary metabolism: Ruderal community of Dittrichia viscosa growing on the railway-side gravel next to Petah Tikva – Sgula railway station, Israel. Their cells are rod-shaped, elongated and virtually transparent prior to staining Fig. The leaves of Inula viscosa possess long protective hairs, numerous glandular hairs and stomatal complexes on both the abaxial and the adaxial surfaces Figs 14, 5. Scanning electron micrographs from the leaf of Inula viscosa.

About Inula viscosa

Inuleae Flora of the Mediterranean Plants described in Histochemical investigation of leaves. Second-generation calluses, produced from reculturing the original callus cells, were also treated histochemically. Fungistatic activity of a sequiterpene lactone tomentosin isolated from fresh Inula viscosa Asteraceae flowers from the Pulgia region.


Email alerts New issue alert. Dittrichia viscosaalso known as false yellowhead[2] woody fleabane[3] sticky fleabane and yellow fleabaneis inuoa flowering plant in the daisy family. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cross-section of a leaf.

Active compound extraction would permit conservation of the species in the wild because raw material will originate from the laboratory. Retrieved 18 January Multicellular protective hairs have a complex structure Figs 1, 2 being composed of about ten basal cells arranged as a rosette. Our future objective is to screen the secondary metabolites produced by the callus cells, trace the antioxidative factors, isolate them ijula test them on human cell series to investigate their effect on the senescence of cells.

Calluses of Inula viscosa developing in test tubes. General information is given in Table 1. Illuminating the systematics of the Spiranthes sinensis species complex Orchidaceae: It is an important plant in Catalan traditionoften mentioned in adages and proverbs.

Utetheisa pulchella on Dittrichia viscosa. A generalization of the retention index system including linear temperature programmed gas—liquid partition chromatography.