Spotlight Publications – Selection of Jack and The Beanstalk Pantomime Scripts. Jack & The. Beanstalk. A pantomime by. Daniel Bell. Spotlight Publications Spotlight pantomimes must be played as per the script, and without alterations. 1The Killorglin Pantomime Group are proud to present their 52nd annual pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk T.

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Dame Trott and her sons Jack and Steve are threatened with eviction if they don’t pay the rent.

Jack & the Beanstalk Pantomime Script by Alan P Frayn

A particular one-liner will stay with me for a lifetime! The magic milkmaids, Hairy Hulk and Dairy Mulk, come to his rescue. The well drawn characters, along with Dobbin the panto horse, join together in non-stop action, song and dance, lashings of corny jokes and audience participation opportunities.

You really know your stuff when it comes to writing panto! You are licensed to print this once for your personal use. There are plenty of laughs with a silly schoolroom scene, fun with a magic hat and oranges falling on heads.

Spotlight Pantomime Scripts – Jack and The Beanstalk

A bit of magic from Fairy Beansprout, and Jack goes to the rescue, climbing the beanstalk. It was the beans talk of the town! Jack sells Buttercup the tge for a handful of beans and beanstslk Dolly throws them away a giant beanstalk grows at the top of which is a magical land.


The UV scene is spectacular — thanks for all your help and advice. A full length pantomime with one main shop set and various sub-sets. Here goes… he pantomiem his hand and there is a sound effect …there, that should do it. Lots of strong characters, lots of comedy. I may be simple but at least I never sold a cow for a load of beans. Many of the jokes are fresh and importantly, it really is all good, clean fun.

Including heaps of side-splitting humour, solid character parts and keeping the Chorus involved throughout, this sparkling new version is guaranteed to banish boredom … in your audience and cast alike!

Pantomime Scripts: Jack and The Beanstalk

The House of Horrors provides the opportunity for lots of spooky fun. Production notes list recommended songs.

The Dame throws the beans out of the window with the usual result, and whilst Jack is climbing the beanstalk to have a nother go at the giant, Fleshcreep is busy about town capturing the Princess and taking her up to the Giant’s Castle.

Typical King character, a bit of a ditherer. Two con men sell Jack some magic beans, and when he plants these, he is transported to the land of the Beasntalk, where he fights the said giant and beansralk his golden goose.

Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime script

Where are you going? Variable chorus size at the Mack discretion. Meanwhile evil Squire Sir Nicholas has kidnapped Jill, but all ends happily – of course! The 25 strong cast including panto-land characters Aladdin, Beanstalk Jack, Pied Piper and Goldilocks seek out the magic gold dust which gives them their panto powers.


A passing leprechaun sells Jack some magic beans, and when jadk plants them, he, Dame Jolly, Mr Chips the schoolmaster and Dick Dummox are transported to Limboland.

Collection of seven short rhyming pantomime scripts ten to 15 minutes each. They may not be printed, quoted or performed without the permission of Lazy Bee Scripts. So, that nasty Count has bought Buttercup for a handful of beans. The King, the Dame and Simple Simon the ‘not-so-clever’ son of Dame Trott decide to go to Jack’s aid and climb the beanstalk after him, only to be waylaid by Fleshcreep, who forces them to prepare an entertainment for the Giant.

The licence will be e-mailed to Jack and the Beanstalk has been fantastic! Strong characters, parody, slapstick, visual jokes and mayhem. If you want to make multiple copies for use at rehearsals, a Script Copying Licence is required in Jack and the Beanstalk by tlc Creative Best Seller.

With an action-packed storyline, this very original, funny script makes for panto at its best!