El Zahir también es una joya aleph-jorge-luis-borges/. hace 3 meses. ogether with “El Aleph”, “El Zahir” stands out as one of the most suggestive Borges, Jorge Luis Borges and Luisa Mercedes Levinson. La hermana de Eloísa.

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The next day, Borges decides to lose the coin.

Jun 14, Ian “Marvin” Graye rated it it was amazing Shelves: Return to Book Page. In August, I decided to consult a psychiatrist. What is there to say about Jorge Luis Borges that hasn’t been said before? View all 8 comments.

Be fascinated and enlarged. In that book was a description alehp my illness. Following on from The Zahir, his growing obsession with this tiger is no surprise.

The Aleph (short story collection) – Wikipedia

As a result, the stories boryes hit or miss for me. Borges tells us that soon he will be unable to perceive external reality, and he will have to be dressed and fed; but then he reflects that this fate does not worry him, since he will be oblivious to it. Departing from my last visit to Teodolina Villar and drinking a glass of cheap gin in a corner bar-and-grocery store was a kind of oxymoron: Reading through the contents list, I can easily choose five or six stories whose very conception alone excite me The Immortal, The Zahir, The Writing of Dl God, The House of Asterionbut you e, bashed me over the head with names, places, dates, literary and histor You’re avoiding a single star, Borges, simply because I try my best not to dish them out.

I prefer the stories that have a supernatural element, ej that suffered the clear influence of Conan Doyle. Perhaps he meant that the visible world is complete in each representation, just as Schopenhauer tells us that the Will expresses itself entire in every person.

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Tennyson said that if we could but understand a single flower we would know who we are and what the world is. I also recall the remarkable uneasiness I felt when I read this paragraph: Thanks for telling us about the problem. The stories where Borges dissociates from himself and sees himself through a mirror are borgees of my favourite as well.

The now familiar Borgesian tropes are also here in abundance too: Fl, possessed, almost happy, I reflected that there is nothing less material than money, since any coin a twenty centavo piece, for instance is, in truth, a panoply of all possible futures.

Oh no, there’s been an error

What I’m out for now is peace, the enjoyment ouis thinking and of friendship, and, though it may be too ambitious, a sense of loving and of being loved. Due to a hereditary condition, Borges became blind in his late fifties. One might as well maintain that the pain of an anesthetized patient whose skull is being opened is terrible. The Hebrews and the Chinese codified every human situation: Mar 13, Salma rated it really liked it.

I love your ideas, but not your executions. Let’s just say life is always bigger than human-made notions of life.

EL ALEPH – BORGES JORGE LUIS – Sinopsis del libro, reseñas, criticas, opiniones – Quelibroleo

The second half of the tale takes a decidedly philosophical turn and, in the spirit of this Borges classic, I will conclude with a series of question posed either directly or indirectly by the narrator: Borges, forse primo autore in assoluto, ha scardinato certezze, irriso le mie conoscenze – davvero scarse, il senso di vergogna m’opprime – e accantonato schemi mentali prefissati: Could the swamps and relative wildness of Uruguay and the Ibera Wetlands be a sort of gnostic symbol of earthly chaos directly opposed to Protestant certainties?

On June 6, Teodolina Villar died. This is the 2nd time I try to read these stories.

Taylor told this story to Muhammad al-Yemeni, of Fort William; al-Yemeni said that there was no creature in the world that did not tend toward becoming a Zaheer [1], but that the All-Merciful does not allow two things to be a Zaheer at the same time, since only one is capable of entrancing multitudes. I have said that composing that piece of trivial nonsense in the course of which I interpolated, with pseudo erudition, a line or two from the Fafnismal enabled me to put the coin out of my mind.


She was more interested in perfection rather than beauty.

The Aleph and Other Stories

GdL Narrativa Dicembre Daneri exalted, confesses to Borges that inside the house is an Puis, which is a point in space that contains all the points. I wrote several reviews about Borges’ books and I got tired of saying how amazing this writer was.

Until the end of June I distracted myself by composing a tale of fantasy. Burying it in the garden or hiding it in a corner of the library would have been the best thing to do, but I wanted to escape its orbit altogether, and so preferred to lose it.

After long and tenacious musings, I at last fell asleep, but I dreamed that I was the pile of coins guarded by a gryphon.

All sorts of things have been zahirs in mythology, but this one is an innocent-looking coin that Borges is given in a bar, when drowning his sorrows about a lost, dead love a woman with an obsession of her own: In the deserted hours of the night I am still able to walk through the streets.