The infamous inspiration for the novel which slowly corrupts Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray is translated by Robert Baldick with an introduction by. : Against Nature: A Rebours (Oxford World’s Classics) ( ): Joris-Karl Huysmans, Nicholas White, Margaret Mauldon: Books. Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans is a novel in which very little happens; Huysmans’ great A Rebour (perhaps better translated Against the Grain), is a.

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Against Nature

Jean des Esseintes is the last member of a powerful and once proud noble family. Scott Moncrieff Prize for Margaret Mauldon For one, the fact that this contrary soul is indeed human despite the weirdly grotesque passions that power it, and through all the oddities Des Esseintes surrounds himself one can still see the insolvable human condition that plagues every one of huysmanns.

Even sex is described like a piece of art from his collection, something predetermined by its artist, void of any animal passion or instinct: And I huysmnas so so glad I didn’t read this book in my teens.

I’m thinking about that Huysmanx protagonist who wouldn’t get up out bed, the name will come back to me at some point, probably in the middle of the night. I can’t fault Huysmans, though, for the superhuman patience and diligence it must have taken to write such a book in such unbelievable detail. It does not really give him pleasure, it is just a way from him to avoid the world.

I felt sure I had found my unique angle, oblique as it seemed at first viewing. I remember on first seeing his flat struggling to describe how amazed I was and that it was like something I’d always tried to imagine, actually brought to life Well worth it, especially for the plush, precise, unexpected turns of the language, multi-phrase pile-ups on the Trans-European Translation Expressway.

Now he’s tired of it. The joris-arl to the novel is a quotation from the Flemish mystic Jan van Ruusbroec: I was confused, disappointed and embarrassed. It was a masterpiece of articiality.

Difficult to do this one justice. Perhaps he was a well, but one at whose bottom one often could not find a drop of water. The original handbook of decadence, Against Nature exploded like a grenade rebkurs the words of its author hyusmans has enjoyed a cult readership from its publication to the present day.


It’s almost jris-karl if his subjectivism has become a form of solipsism.

A rebours by Joris-Karl Huysmans – Free Ebook

However, DNFing gives me such deep lingering doubts and guilt that I end up putting the book back on my to-reads and starting all over again. Did I really read this book forty years ago?

Mostly a catalogue of art, books, and music the main dude likes. Moreau painted many versions of this scene and story, but I believe this is one of the amazing paintings specifically referred to in the text: They do not point to some grander philosophy or understanding. If I did read it, I was completely wrong in my evaluation of this as a static, effete precursor to “Dorian Gray,” a work marooned in the vanished jorisk-arl of the late nineteenth century.

The extra weight on the creature’s back causes its death. Each time an amendment is made, the review gets reposted, so yes you’ve probably seen it before.

The novel goes into exhaustive detail hysmans his pursuits of exceedingly refined, and ultimately cold, aesthetic interests.

As I scanned the pale grey italic font of this one, the names Jekyll and Hyde jumped out at me from the top of page thirty. Maybe some people will find des Esseintes funny. Alain de Botton writes that the reality of travel seldom matches our dreams.

His attempted iconoclasm becomes mere contrarianism. He is an incredible aesthete, thoroughly well-read and schooled in the arts and fashion. Oxford World’s Classics edition translated by Margaret Mauldon I finally read this properly in one go No experience is too perverse for him and he seeks out every extreme. He knows as much about the ecclesiastic writers of the Church as he knows about the vagaries of wines and perfumes. He is not pursuing his own desires, he is not following his own thoughts and needs, and so he is never satisfied.

It became perfectly clear to him that he could entertain no hope of finding in someone else the same aspirations and antipathies; no hope of linking up with a mind which, like his own, took pleasure in a life of studious decrepitude; no hope of associating an intelligence as sharp and wayward as his own with any author or scholar.

Could I really argue for a parallel between the two books? This makes two amendments in alone. For those who deem it a masterpiece, that’s understandable, for those who think it’s nothing more than nonsense, I could agree. If they stop consuming fashion, products, information, politics, music, and craft materials, they lose their identity.


Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans

These trappings invariably break down around him–they disappoint him, they do not live up to his hopes. Perhaps when I buy one, I’ll have it rebound rebojrs fine leather punctuated with elements of jewel-encrusted tortoise shell. For what could [I] hope, if not new disillusionments? The rest, really, was essayistic, sort of like the chapters in American Psycho about Huey Lewis, Whitney Houston, Genesis, etc, but this takes place in the 19th Century so it’s all about Zola, Baudelaire, Poe, lots of Catholic art and really too many artists and artworks to even begin to list, thereby adding to the list of things I’ve rsbours heard of but wouldn’t mind hunting down, like Ernest Hello or Barbey d’Aurevilly?

And what tends to define them when they are alive is a near-complete lack of recognition. Huysmans [Huysmans converted or reverted to Catholicism in Jul 14, J.

I don’t see anything inherently unhealthy about the way he lives or with the tenets of aestheticism or decadence in general. As by way of example, here is Des Esseintes reflecting on two modern authors huysmxns enjoys: Read it Forward Read it first. The Mauldon translation doesn’t have such good reviews but I found it hypnotic from the first page, as the book should be. So it is completely different: Huysmxns his sneering isolationism, extreme sureness of taste and cruel streak, never mind the home full of fascinating things, and Schopenhauer fandom the protagonist reminds me a great deal of an ex from seven years ago.

He may be as rebourrs to hate and be disgusted with as easily as he hates and is disgusted with everything beyond his luxuriously painted and perfumed bower, but he does huymans some measure of taste that one cannot help but take note of, and perhaps even sympathize with.