French: Adjectifs démonstratifs. Exercice: Complétez avec les adjectifs démonstratifs ce, cet, cette ou ces: Twitter Share French exercise “Adjectifs. Demonstrative adjectives (called l’adjectif démonstratif/le pronom démonstratif in French) always come directly before a noun (they function as an adjective. Grammaire › Les déterminants et pronoms › Les déterminants démonstratifs › Les déterminants démonstratifs – exercices.

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Thank you for the post. This novel is too short, and that one is too long.

Ce sont de bonnes nouvelles. Lawless French uses cookies to improve your experience on the site.

Adjectifs démonstratifs

Je parle de celui du milieu. If you love it, please consider making a one-time or monthly donation. Celui-ci est son mouton. Demonstrative pronouns replace a specific noun that was mentioned previously. Missing capitalization or punctuation, any typos and it would be marked wrong.

Pronoms personnels /Adjectifs possessifs

This is good news. Demonstrative pronouns also have adjective forms that are used before a noun. Ce mouton est celui du berger. We only use the masculine form cet when the noun begins with a vowel or a mute h. Les autres sont trop grands!


This sheep here is cute. I did the quiz and had the same answer for question 14 as you gave but it was marked wrong.

Introduction Demonstrative pronouns are used to emphasise which thing of multiple possibilities you are talking about. Stay up to date with Lawless French! Your support is entirely optional ppronoms tremendously appreciated. Usually starting with de. I bought two coffees; this one is decaffeinated.

Pronoms démonstratifs-French

Bonjour Johanna, this quiz tool is very simple — you have to type exactly what I provide as the right answer to be counted as correct. This sheep is the one that belongs to the shepherd. In French, they must agree with the noun s in number and gender. Lawless French Privacy Policy Accept cookies. He is the one who tends the sheep. They are the ones that are tended by the shepherd.

French dsmonstratifs test exercicws. Unlike in English, however, the French form ce is always used in the singular, regardless of whether the verb is in the singular or the plural. Thank you for the clear post. Usage We use celui, celle to specify one particular thing from a group. Beispiel demonstratiffs Ce mouton est mignon.

Indefinite Form The indefinite demonstrative pronouns in French are: By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies. Exericces indefinite demonstrative pronouns in French are: Demonstrative pronouns are used to emphasise which thing of multiple possibilities you are talking about. That sheep there is too big.


Pronoms personnels /Adjectifs possessifs-anglais

This one here is his sheep. I find that very interesting. This free website is created with love and a great deal of work.

This sheep is cute. Ce mouton est mignon.

In all other situations, we use the compound form of the demonstrative pronoun. This one or that one? Ce, cet, cette, ces are different from normal articles in that they emphasise one specific thing. Cela est bien dit. They can refer to a part of a sentence or to an entire clause. The sheep in the field are the ones that the shepherd tends. Ce mouton- ci est mignon. In French, there are oronoms compound forms: We express this similarly in English.

The simple form is used in the following situations: