Let There Be Light, 9th edition (), Darius Dinshah his favorite quotations was from the Bible, “And God said, ‘Let there be Light ‘” which. Let There Be Light has 11 ratings and 1 review. Mary said: While Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by. Darius Dinshah. LET THERE BE LIGHT DARIUS DINSHAH, S C N. Eleventh Edition Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy FULL-SPECTRUM ILLUMINATION 1.

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True bums are caused by the destructive action of the red side of the spectrum, hydrogen predominating.

When any of those is present, an ultra-Green Color should be at least part of the tonation schedule, and in severe cases, most or all of the tonations. Spectro-Chrome Color Production B People are built in approximately the same mold with a heart, lungs, skin, teeth, etc. I have not had a bad cold or the flu in many years.

Once again, the caged, bold-faced numbers refer to the dwrius or reason for tonating that three Color, and any like these – -identify the areas on which the Color is to be tonated a reminder is at the bottom of odd-numbered pages. Many projectors emit considerable Light into the room so baffles made of card- board? The inroads of age on the physical body cannot be ig- nored, as we all br to die a physical death someday. Furthermore, there is no assurance they would give better results than the relatively simple Spectro-Chrome projec- tors in use since Published by Dinshah Health Society first published June Moderates blood pressure between heart and lungs, areas This was an allopathic dosage compared to the one-ounce Irradiator so I considered it a really disappointing experience.


If all the Colors being tonated are on one side of the spectrum, occasionally try a Color on the other side of the spectrum. Lack of iodine may precipi- tate thyroid problems which can lead to diverse mental and physical inabilities; not enough vitamin C can result in abnormal bleeding tendencies, scurvy, etc.

The original paper is not available so the abstract as it was printed in the Atlantic Medical Journal of April will speak for her: Magenta 11 on l, or Purple if blood pressure is high. Whether these 29 pages, with other available material, are enough to teach you how to use this Sys- tem effectively and with confidence is entirely up to you.

Let There Be Light: Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy

Ten chapters, condensed version of Let There Be Lst. Another interesting health-oriented Website: Lemon 1[22 1 systemic front. The forces on which life mostly depends are placed nearly or quite beyond personal control.

He also appeared onstage as an actor. II10II Stimulates mammary glands to increase milk production, areas galactagogue.

Turn on the projector with a light-colored filter in it, place it so the beam covers the desired areas, then replace the filter with those needed for the tonation. But even in such crises, why not use Spectro-Chrome also?


Dinshah Health Society (DHS) Main Page

Each individual cell in a living organism has a specific function to perform. In some conditions, high blood pressure for instance, the symptom may be an indica- tion of other problems, and lessening the pressure without taking the real cause into ac- count is putting the cart before the horse. A strong aura is evidence of vigorous cellular activity and is somewhat like a thicker wire which is able to carry more energy with fewer limitations. Valuable time should not be wasted waiting to see what develops or for a “differ- ential diagnosis’.

I n the effort to obtain relief from suffering, many of the more simple but potent measures have been overlooked dxrius we have grasped at the obscure and complicated.

Spectro-Chrome Colors have certain constituents besides the obvious as explained in Chapter three. Spectro-Chrome Definitions 17 more receptive to the influence of Color therapy.

The fourth is the author’s hypothesis, derived from several sources: It can be said that, for whatever reasons, Dinshah fought for almost every inch of ground he gained. For a substitute method, see Chapter five, part two, paragraph O.