American Exceptionalism. A Double-Edged Sword. Seymour Martin Lipset ( Author, George Mason University). Sign up for the monthly New Releases email. American exceptionalism is an ideology holding the United States as unique among nations in Lipset, American Exceptionalism, pp. 1, 17–19, –74, Lipset’s survey of American exceptionalism proceeds along several lines of attack. Comparisons with Britain and other nations of Europe form the backdrop of.

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He identifies three main sub-types: They believed God had made a covenant with their people and had chosen them to provide a model for the other nations of the Earth.

Experience teaches that when the United Lopset leads on human rights, from Nuremberg to Kosovo, other countries follow. Well, I would suggest the fact that we have many elections reduces the number of people voting, that people are tired of voting, that they don’t see the point of it.

American Exceptionalism

U of Minnesota Press. And America without a frontier would necessarily be a different sort of place. Wyman and Clifton Lispet. Tucker and David C. University Press of New England. People looked forward to the country doing better, and they looked forward to themselves doing better.

He grew up more as a globalist than an American. They came there before the settlers came, and retained authority. As Lipset argues throughout the book, American exceptionalism is a double-edged sword characterized by personal responsibility, independent action, and voluntarism, but also by self-serving behavior and disregard for communal values.

Studies in American Political Development. The New American Exceptionalism. He has been doing so for 40 years and here collects and connects his recent articles about what distinguishes America from comparable industrial societies in Canada, Europe, and Japan.

Retrieved October 29, Well, in that way, you could say America is [also] exceptional. Poverty and Progress in the American Metropolis, — And people, many of these people, felt that this was kind of vulgar, that you don’t do this.


First Measured Century: Interview: Seymour Martin Lipset

Well, you know, Middletown – if you think of it as being somewhat of a typical American town – exhibits a number of things which we think of as American. And the local populace dictated social relations on the American frontier, and they were interested in more land, they were interested in making money, and they really had no respect for the rights of the Indians.

Their strictly Puritanical origin, their exclusively commercial habits, even the country they inhabit, which seems to divert their minds from the pursuit of science, literature, and the arts, the proximity of Europe, which allows them to neglect these pursuits without relapsing into barbarism, a thousand special causes, of which I have only been able to point out the most important, have singularly concurred to fix the mind of the American upon purely practical objects.

Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler. Well, that wasn’t true in Paris, that wasn’t true in London. Ages of consent Capital punishment Crime incarceration Criticism of government Discrimination Ableism affirmative action antisemitism intersex rights Islamophobia LGBT rights lipest same-sex marriage Drug policy Energy policy Exceptionwlism movement Gun politics Health care abortion health insurance hunger obesity smoking Human rights Immigration illegal International rankings National security Mass surveillance Terrorism Separation of church and state.

President Ronald Reagan is often credited with having crystallized this ideology in recent decades.

American exceptionalism

Jews as the chosen people Unification Church Korea Exclusivism. There were strikes, violence, radical movements. Clean” syndrome of people who see the dirt that’s there. Booklist Review Defining exceptionalism as “qualitatively different,” not “great,” Lipset here analyzes attitudes characteristic of American society. But, on the other hand, if you look at the opinion polls – which is our best measure of beliefs and the differences – you still find that even though the gap is narrow, it’s still there.


To some, the idea of American exceptionalism is simply a variation on ethnocentrism. And one of the reasons for this is that the Indians felt that the word of the Canadians could be trusted.

On September 12,in the context of U. And, in fact, one can suggest that these are related, the good and the bad. Jefferson sought a radical break from the traditional European emphasis on “reason of state” which could justify any action and the usual priority of foreign policy and the needs of the ruling family over the needs of the people. In Decemberhistorian Peter Baldwin published a book arguing that, despite widespread attempts to contrast the ‘ American way of life ‘ and the ‘ European social model ‘, America and Europe are actually very similar to a number of social and economic indices.

But [they didn’t believe in] taking over factories, and nationalizing industry, and so forth. They had sheriffs [who] were responsible to the population. Young says the Iraq War — exemplified American exceptionalism. From the s to the late 19th century, the McGuffey Readers sold million copies and were studied by most American students. Abraham Lincoln stated in the Gettysburg addressAmericans have a duty to ensure “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

We say people should become Americans. Well, the Lynds, of course, did focus on class relations. By event Timeline of U.